Dyche happy with routine

Turf Moor has been the 'plaice' to be for Burnley in terms of gathering Premier League points.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

But as Sean Dyche looks for a change in fortunes on their travels, he won't be changing his players' routine, or introducing some of his former Nottingham Forest boss Brian Clough's more offbeat ideas, like taking them for fish and chips!

It worked for Arsenal legend Tony Adams, who has admitted: "I still ate fish and chips every week for the last six years under Arsène Wenger. Every Friday on Putney Bridge I went and got battered cod and a chip sandwich and sat there looking at the river."

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That approach isn't for Dyche, however, as he tries to add to the one point, of their 30, they have claimed on the road, at Old Trafford,

As the Clarets commence a run of four-successive away games, Dyche isn't 'fishing' for a new approach: "I'm not really superstitious, I think if your routine is correct, and work is correct in the sense the knowledge and information you've given, the plan and set up, really, you're just quirking on mindset.

"If the players wanted to change something and I felt that was important, yes, but tactical work, team work, I'm not so big on changing that, if it's good work, it's good work.

"The chef doesn't change the ingredients, but maybe the way he throws them around, it's more like that.

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"But the basic plan of how we work and prepare is decent and has served us well over a long period, so we'll not be going for fish and chips the night before a game or anything like that!

"The first away win will come from good work, but if fish and chips will definitely work...Tony Adams used to have it a night before a game, so I'm told!"

Dyche feels this run of away games can play into Burnley's hands, with the pressure on Hull City to close a 10-point gap on the Clarets, before they go to another side looking to climb to safety in Swansea City next Saturday.

He said: of "The run of away games, if you’re ever going to have them have them now. The demand is everyone else, it’s not on us.

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"Everyone is saying ‘Burnley don’t win away, they win at home’. When we get back from those games we have five home games out of nine.

"It’s on Hull, Swansea, Liverpool and Sunderland to win, because it’s all about us not winning away. So it’s a case of ‘you’ve got to beat Burnley because they can’t win away’.

"Therefore we just go and take the challenge on. If it doesn’t go our way people just say ‘they’re not really winning on the road anyway’.

"It’s a strange mindset but it’s a fact, everyone will be thinking they’ve got to beat us."

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Even though Burnley are not being mentioned as relegation candidates, Dyche knows his players can't relax yet, by a long chalk: "The pressure’s not off because we put a lot on ourselves. That will be the demand from others.

"We’re thinking how to piece it together tactically, what team do we play. We expect something from ourselves.

"The pundits will be saying Hull have got to beat Burnley because Burnley can’t win away.

"But the stats are coming your way. You can’t wait for them but as long as we’re performing the stats will come our way by the nature of football. We will win a game away just by the nature of football."

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Most pundits didn't expect Burnley to be in such a healthy position, predicting they would go down, but Dyche admires: "We didn’t. We were putting demands on ourselves, but most had us down as 20th or 19th. We’ve got to work to not be them.

"It’s so far, the PL is very difficult, you can’t rely on ‘oh we’re ok now’. You’ve got to keep going all the time, that’s our challenge now."