Discussions over Brendan Flood’s board return

It was revealed at Thursday night’s Burnley FC Holdings Shareholders Meeting that the club are in talks with former director Brendan Flood with a view to him returning to the board.
Brendan FloodBrendan Flood
Brendan Flood

Flood, who owns a quarter of the shares in the club, was forced to give up his role in January this year after taking an Individual Voluntary Arrangment, which has now expired.

But, after a break from the club, he has been back in attendance at games this season, and was seen with some of the directors at the game at Millwall last month.

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Co-chairman John Banaszkiewicz revealed: “We are in discussion with Brendan about him coming back on board.

“I am a partner with Brendan on the university (UCFB) which is going incredibly well.

“He has 25% of the shares so he would like to still be part of the board, and we are in the process of discussing it.”

On the night, Banaszkiewicz also ruled out the prospect of selling the side’s crown jewels - the likes of Danny Ings, Sam Vokes and Kieran Trippier - in the January transfer window.

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He admitted: “Sometimes things change, sometimes a player wants to go, but we will do our best to keep them as best we can.

“It would be a disaster if we sell those players (in January).”

The trio have 18 months remaining on their current contracts, and as regards new deals, chief executive Lee Hoos added: “We ant to get into the players as early as we can - I hate moving into the summer not knowing where we stand.

“But it takes two people to dance - it’s a two-way street.

“Sometimes players want to keep their options open, it’s a limited career, but as long as they play ball, there are no arguments.”