Clarets are still winning - Dyche

Chelsea may have beaten his Burnley side, but Sean Dyche and the Clarets are still winning.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 11:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 11:51 pm
Sean Dyche

Blues boss Antonio Conte, ahead of the match, declared he felt it was “more simple” to manage Burnley than Chelsea, downplaying the Clarets’ remarkable campaign.

He said: “He is doing a great job this season.

“But if you start the season to fight to avoid the relegation zone, it is more simple.

Sean Dyche

“It is more simple also if you have a small budget because you have to avoid the last three places at the bottom and then you can stay between 10 teams.

“It is more difficult when you have to prepare the transfer market to win something because only one team wins. The others must see the other team win.”

But after an own goal from Kevin Long and Victor Moses’ strike, either side of an Ashley Barnes equaliser, asked whether it was easier to manage Burnley than Chelsea, Dyche smiled: “I’ve got no problem with that, the clubs in the top six, maybe four of the top six are looking to win something every year, it’s a different kind of challenge.

“What I would say is that means 14 others are all trying to win something else.

Sean Dyche

“Winning in the Premier League to some is to stay in the Premier League, a different kind of winning.

“That club isn’t going to go out of business, it’s not going to happen.

“Our club is not just winning in terms of games, it’s wining for the whole community, people’s jobs and stuff, the whole feel of a community.

“Are we winning? In a way, yes, I’ve no problem with his angle at all.”

And looking back at a difficult night against last season’s champions, Dyche was happy with his players: “I was really pleased, I thought we were at it, I just think you’re playing the top sides, and when you do, it’s a different kind of feel to a game.

“It’s much more difficult to dominate the feel of a game because they absorb pressure, keep the ball and probe.

“Then they can counter as well.

“I was actually really pleased because it’s hard, there’s a lot of noise about Chelsea, but did you see the changes they made, the money that’s been spent on them?

“They ain’t bad, I’m telling you.

“You’ve got to bear that in mind and realise we’ve moved forward a long way but there’s still a gap between clubs like ourselves and the top six, without a shadow of a doubt.

“I’m more pleased about our mentality, you go in at half-time 1-0 down, they’ve had a couple of good chances, and that can get away from you.

“But our mentality to take the game on second half and try and affect it, that serves you well over a season as it has done already.”

Chelsea made six changes ahead of their FA Cup semi-final against Southampton on Sunday, but still were packed with quality, and Dyche added: “I think the fact is, it’s not just a one off, they’re a better squad, the changes they made tonight are top, top drawer, bringing Hazard on as sub, people say he’s come off it, he didn’t look like that.

“There’s a reality to where we are. We’re doing fantastic but there’s a gap to us and many other teams, so I’m more judging where we are, and the mentality forwards taking the game on, some of our football to try and be progressive. To mix it and try and be effective.

“But you’re playing against the top end of the market, and that’s difficult.”