Charity auction for Burnley FC memorabilia in aid of Pendleside Hospice

A generous West Bromwich Albion fan in possession of a historic piece of Burnley Football Club memorabilia has pledged to donate some of the funds raised from its potential sale to Pendleside Hospice should a willing buyer be found.
The 1947 FA Cup final ticket for sale.The 1947 FA Cup final ticket for sale.
The 1947 FA Cup final ticket for sale.

Carl Humphries (74) from Kiddiminster has an unused ticket from the 1947 FA Cup final at Wembley in which Burnley lost to a late Charlton Athletic goal in a tight affair that was just Burnley's second ever final appearance.

Unable to attend, Carl’s father – who had planned to go with a friend - left the ticket and a programme from the match, which have been valued at around £500 by an auctioneer from Christie's, who admitted that they have never sold an unused FA Cup final ticket.

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"There were 97,600 tickets issued, about 40 people didn't turn up," said Carl, who now lives in Worcester. "The sheer scarcity value - the ticket's never been used! The man from Christie's said we'd have to suck it and see.

The accompanying programme.The accompanying programme.
The accompanying programme.

"If I can get £150, whatever else is left you can give to your hospice," Carl added. "I promise the Burnley people that's their money. I'd like to think that it'll do somebody some good."

With used ticket stubs from the final selling online for £150 and matchday programmes for £180, Carl claims he is hoping for bids of around £450, and even pledged to include another item from his collection.

"I'll also include an official Burnley programme dated the 2nd of February 1957 worth £20 or £30 - a Burnley home match against Newcastle United," he said.

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As one of just three occasions that Burnley made it to the final of the world’s oldest professional football competition, the 1947 Cup Final - as well as being famous for the ball bursting in the second half - represents a momentous point in Burnley's history.

The programme from the 1957 match against Newcastle United.The programme from the 1957 match against Newcastle United.
The programme from the 1957 match against Newcastle United.

Having won it in 1913/14 (with a 1-0 win over Liverpool), Burnley beat off the likes of Aston Villa and Liverpool to reach the final in the late 40s, and would not reach the final again until 1961-62 when they lost 3-1 to Spurs under legendary coach, Bill Nicholson.

Harking back to his father's era, Carl said: "In those days, all the little clubs - Kiddiminster Harriers for example - they all got allocated one or two tickets," which is how he believes his father got his hands on the ticket.

"I've always liked following the original 12 clubs that formed the football league (Accrington, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Derby County, Everton, Notts County, Preston North End, Stoke, West Brom, and Wolverhampton Wanderers)," said Carl, explaining his passion for Burnley.

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"I specifically like the small town, tight-knit clubs who were founders - Lincoln City don't interest me, in fact they've rather annoyed me!"

To register interest in or make an offer for the ticket and programme, send an email to [email protected], after which we will contact Carl directly.