Burnley skipper Ben Mee still undecided on VAR

Burnley captain Ben Mee is still undecided on whether there's a place in football for VAR.
Jeff Hendrick's header was ruled out against Chelsea at Stamford BridgeJeff Hendrick's header was ruled out against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge
Jeff Hendrick's header was ruled out against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

The Clarets centre back, speaking after the 3-0 defeat against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, suggested that there are still creases that need ironing out when it comes to the technology's implementation.

However, the 30-year-old defender added that its flaws are operable and that its methods could be as effective as goal line technology if applied correctly.

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"Some of the things that have gone have been ridiculous and the stopping and starting of the games takes a bit of energy out of it and excitement out of it I guess," he said.

"But I think it’s still in the early stages of the process and hopefully this season we’ll get it right and next season it will be a lot better.

"For definite things it’s good I think. Some of it is good, some of it can be changed. I like the goal line technology and the offside thing just needs a bit of work I think.

"Hopefully this year they’ll have a look at it and get it right."

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Mee felt the wrath of its controversy when he was adjudged to have been in an offside position prior to Jeff Hendrick nodding home what would have been the opening goal.

Referee Kevin Friend liaised with Andrew Madley at Stockley Park and - while replays and workings out appeared inconclusive - the goal was chalked off.

Mee said: "I was just unlucky, if it’s offside, it’s offside. I gambled and went early and hoped someone dropped in with me. It was a close one.

"If we get a goal there it’s a different game. You need things to go for you, especially at these big places, big clubs but things just went against us today."

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The two officials would converse again soon after when Willian drew the foul from right back Matthew Lowton and Friend pointed to the spot. A brief check ensued, but the penalty stood and Jorginho converted.

The skipper added: "The penalty, I’ve just seen it back, for me he’s already going down before he even gets touched.

"That’s what VAR is there for, to have a look at it. The referee wasn’t sure, he gave it and wanted to have a look and they’ve seen it.

"If little things like that go against you here it’s going to be a difficult afternoon."