Burnley players finding out high demands of Vincent Kompany and Craig Bellamy

As we approach the start of the season, Burnley’s players are finding out all about new boss Vincent Kompany and his assistant Craig Bellamy’s high standards.

By Chris Boden
Friday, 29th July 2022, 8:00 am

The pair played together at Manchester City between 2009-11, with Kompany arriving a year earlier, and leaving a legend in 2019.

And Bellamy joined Kompany on his backroom staff at Anderlecht as the Belgian began his journey into management.

Kompany is hoping to call on Bellamy’s knowledge of the Championship, where he started his playing career with Norwich, and ended it with hometown cub Cardiff City.

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany speaks to the media at the press conference before the opening game against Huddersfield Town at Gawthorpe. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

Bellamy has garnered a reputation as a fine coach, having been something of a combustible character as a player, but Kompany admits the pair can be both Good Cop and Bad Cop in their relationship with the players.

Kompany said of his assistant: “Craig is one of the most knowledgable guys I know, he was knowledgable as a player, but as a coach not many people know how much depth he can go into.

“You see that when he delivers his training sessions.

“He’s someone who knows the Championship as well, I’ve always been very honest – I don’t know it very well, but give me three weeks...”

Asked who was the Good Cop, Kompany smiled: “It depends on the day – I picture myself as the Good Cop, but then I get some flashbacks of me. So it all depends!

“It usually goes that if he gets angry, then I’m the Good Cop. If I get angry, he turns into the Good Cop all of a sudden – so we are flexible.

“That’s how it works, but we’ve also got a team where lads are accountable for what they do, and we need it.

“We’ve come down and we have put hard work and improvement at the forefront.”

When describing himself as manager, he adds: “Relentless, that’s the best way to describe me.

"I’m naturally brave but I’m self critical.

“I throw myself into situations, but I’m willing to work hard.

“The style of play might change, but it’s the values and culture that needs to remain. You can go through change.

“I think the squad is ready to put in the work.”

And he is delighted how quickly his players have picked up what he wants from them, in terms of the work they put in, and a change in style and system: “They have picked up quicker than they might have done otherwise, because the attitude has been top.

"I couldn’t be asking for more as a starting manager.

"For the moment it is about winning.

"The rest comes with times and players understanding how they need to move and relationships.

"It doesn’t happen on Friday, but that’s not how it works.

"They have done in training, don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see the team play. But let’s see.”