Burnley FC boss: ‘Charlie Austin replacement will come from within’

Charlie Austin’s immediate replacement will come from within - but Burnley are actively searching for new blood.

Charlie Austin celebrates his first goal.
Charlie Austin celebrates his first goal.

Austin agreed a three-year deal at QPR today, after Rangers’ upped their offer on Wednesday, though the fee is undisclosed.

Sam Vokes looks set to take his place in the Sky Bet Championship opener against Bolton Wanderers at Turf Moor on Saturday, but manager Sean Dyche is eager to bring in a fresh face: “We’ve had a number of things going on behind the scenes, though there’s still a financial balance that has to be found.

“Some of the money will be paid back to the club, but we’re active, trying to do things quietly behind the scenes.

“Everything has to fall into place so we’ll keep at it, but the immediacy is to affect it from in house, players should be chomping at the bit.

“It’s a great opening.

“It’s no time to over-think it, but to get on with what we are doing.

“We wish Charlie well, but what the club does is more important now.”

Austin had a year remaining on his contract, but, despite offering improved terms, with the threat of losing him for nothing next summer, the club agreed a deal with QPR, and Dyche said: “We tried to start talks with him, but the power of some of these clubs financially can overwhelm us at times.

“He and the club had to make a decision.

“He was someone we wanted to keep, but we haven’t so, it’s time for someone else to stand up to the plate.

“It’s the reality of the business, clubs are looking at whether to affect it and Charlie is a prized asset. They’ve done that deal when others wouldn’t.

“He had a year left, we’d spoken to him, it wasn’t a case of ‘no chance’, he thoroughly enjoyed his time here, but we can’t compete with the numbers on his contract.

“You then have to get what’s right looking forward to safeguard the future of the club financially.

“He goes with our blessing.”

Peculiarly, Burnley’s best form in the last two seasons came in Austin’s injury absences, and Dyche added: “Last year, the team won games without him - its just nice to have someone like that in your pack.

“It isn’t the be-all and end-all thought, sometimes teams can rely too heavily on one goalscorer.

“We’ll look for our own to stand up to the plate and outside to see what we can activate.

“Vokesey had a good look at it last year, Ryan’s (Noble) probably a bit new to it at the moment, but it’s fair to say we’ve been active looking at the ‘what if’ scenario, because we had that near moment with Hull.

“But recognised goal scorers are in short supply.”