Andre Gray claims Stoke City defender should've seen red

Andre Gray feels Stoke City goalscorer Marc Muniesa should've seen red in the second half of the Premier League fixture at the Bet365 Stadium.
Andre GrayAndre Gray
Andre Gray

The Spaniard, who joined from the Nou Camp in the summer of 2013, was only shown a yellow card by referee Mark Clattenburg despite committing a professional foul that prevented a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

The 25-year-old, recalled to the starting XI for the encounter with the Potters, stayed on his feet to break in to the box only for play to be brought back.

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“I thought he should have gone off, especially after the referee pulled it back and I still had a chance to get a shot off,” he said. “I think Scotty (Arfield) was in as well. It’s frustrating. He’s got to let us play on and then book him or stop play and send him off.

“He said that he thought that there was a covering player but if I’m not pulled back then nobody gets back. It’s one of those things.

“It was a weird one. If he was only going to give him a yellow we had the advantage and still had the chance to get a shot off or play somebody in.”

Questioned whether he thought honesty was the best policy in that situation, Gray added: “He’s still pulling me back but that’s how I am as a player.

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“I may need to learn about that but I’m an honest player and as soon as I see the goal that’s my main objective.

“A lot of teams would be screaming and rolling around on the floor like they’ve just been shot but we’re not like that.

“We put ourselves on the line and maybe we’re guilty of being too honest.

“That’s how we are - we train like that and we play like that. Maybe we have to be a bit cleverer but at the same time we’re full-bloodied and we wear our hearts on our sleeve.”