Finnish runner Lars is hopping mad – and heading for Burnley!

Committed runner Lars Filloopay is not going to let a nasty injury stop him from competing in this year’s Pennine Lancashire 10k race in June.

HOPPING MAD: Lars Filloopay practising his one-legged technique
HOPPING MAD: Lars Filloopay practising his one-legged technique

The Scandinavian road race specialist takes in a new country every year and had targeted the Burnley event for his UK run this year.

But he recently discovered that one of his muscles in his lower right leg would actually appear to be upside-down, explaining the pain he has suffered during and after every race for the last 27 years.

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Speaking through an interpreter, he told the Express yesterday: “My medical team have said that further use of this muscle could lead to me kicking myself up the backside with every other step I take in a race.

“I am not, however, going to let that Finnish me.

“I have heard that Burnley is a beautiful town and I was hoping to meet my future wife by visiting Lancashire in the middle of the summer.

“With that in mind I have decided to hop my way round the course.

“About 22,000 hops should do it, but I don’t fancy the hills much.

“I recently tested it out in a muddy event in Birmingham and if Burnley is as nice as that fair city, I really am in for a treat in June.”