Sandygate ace Ryan is dominant

Burnley's Sandygate Amateur Boxing Club hit the road again, but for once it was only a short jab away,

North West junior champion Ryan Haythornthwaite (15) was matched on the Love ABC, Rossendale home show against K.McCormican (Castle Hill ABC).

From the opening bell, Haythornthwaite kept centre ring, pushing the durable Bolton boxer onto the ropes, working the body well in the clinches.

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The second two-minute round again saw the Sandygate pugilist dominate, working off a lead straight, then combinations of head and body shots, catching frequently.

The third and final round saw Haythornthwaite give the judges no option but to hand a unanimous verdict to the Burnley boxer after another cracking display.

Stoops Estate’s Stuart “Rocket” Reilly (10) also graced the squared circle matched in a skills contest with O.Winters (Love ABC), which saw the Cherry Fold Primary pupil have the upper hand in all three one-minute rounds.

Anyone interested in joining the Hargreaves Street club can find information at

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