Former BAMMA champion Sinclair set for cage return

It seems that nothing can keep Burnley's MMA star Rob Sinclair down.
Former BAMMA lightweight world champion Rob SinclairFormer BAMMA lightweight world champion Rob Sinclair
Former BAMMA lightweight world champion Rob Sinclair

The 37-year-old was almost forced in to an early retirement back in 2013 when surgeons revealed that a heinous knee injury would mark the end of his career.

But the British Gas engineer refused to accept that prognosis, making a miraculous and determined recovery as he lived to fight another day.

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Sinclair, who carries the alias ‘C4’ due to his explosive power, returned to do battle with Saad Awad, in his only appearance under the Bellator umbrella, as well as Michael Brightmon and Charlie Leary.

His unanimous decision loss at Full Contact Contender 17 persuaded the Predators pugilist to call it a day, but the acceptance of voluntary redundancy from the sport still wasn’t enough to signal an end to his career.

Sinclair is back and he’s revealed that he’s feeling better than ever. “My confidence has taken a twist for the better,” he said. “It had taken a knock before, I’ve not really been myself.

“I don’t have that devil on my shoulder anymore. I’ve battled through it and come out the other end a lot stronger.

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“I’m feeling really good both physically and mentally. You need that balance. I’m in a good place at the moment. I’m feeling better than ever.”

Sinclair is back with BAMMA where he was the organisation’s world champion at lightweight, defending his crown against former UFC fighter Andre Winner at Wembley Arena in 2012.

The ambition now is to get back to the top where he belongs. “Nobody has really stood out since I gave up the title,” said Sinclair. “Nobody has been consistent. I just want to put myself back where I belong. I don’t feel like I embraced being champion enough before.

“I’m realistic. I know that everything comes to an end. I know that age is catching up with me. At the moment though my reactions are quicker, my timing is better and I’m punching harder.

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“I could pursue this for another five years if I wanted to. The reality is that I’m 37 years old but my body hasn’t slowed down yet. If anything I’m still improving.”

He added: “They were the best times that I’ve had in the sport with BAMMA. They’ve always been good to me. After I’d spoken to Jude Samuel I didn’t even consider anything else.

“I had some good times with them. There have been some good memories, I had some great times. I’ve never lost when fighting under them so it just made sense to go somewhere where I felt comfortable.”

Sinclair will headline BAMMA 30 at the 3Arena in Dublin as he takes on Paul Redmond on July 7th.

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And he’s eagerly anticipating the opportunity to make his comeback. “I was offered the opportunity to fight in Dublin, I thought about it, and took the chance,” he said.

“I’m taking each fight as it comes. I’m focusing on Redmond in Dublin first. He’s former UFC, he’s made featherweight before so he’ll be a similar size to me.

“He’s a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, has a boxing background, he’s very fit and he’s tough. The fight will be at 11st (70kg), the weight I was their champion at.”

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