Whatsapp developers work on huge new changes coming to the app very soon - here’s the changes you could see

Whatsapp developers are working on some huge changes that will make life a lot easier for WhatsApp users.

Whatsapp users should expect some huge changes coming to the app soon as some new features are currently in development. The instant messaging service, which is used by thousands of people across the UK is expected to introduce a host of new elements which will make the app more user-friendly with new and exciting features.

According to WABeta, Whatsapp’s data and news service, 13 new features are currently being developed. The features include giving users the ability to speed up voice notes, create polls within conversations and introduce call links to quickly join voice and video calls thanks to a shareable link.

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Whatsapp developers are also looking at increasing the number of people that can be added to large group chats, as well as introducing an auto-mute function to help immediately reduce notifications in the future. Users could also have the opportunity to create their own personalised character with a new avatar feature. The digitalised avatar will then be added to the app as a stick, WABetaInfo said.

WhatsApp is working on some huge new changes that users could see very soon

New Whatsapp features that are being developed

  • Giving users the ability to speed up voice notes
  • Introducing call links to allow users to quickly join voice and video calls from a shareable link
  • The ability to set up a personalised avatar
  • WhatsApp is working on forwarding images, videos, GIFs, and documents, with a caption,
  • The ability to create polls within one-to-one chats
  • WhatsApp is rolling out a business tools tab but details have not been published on what this would look like
  • The ability to attach a caption to a document.
  • WhatsApp is working on automatically muting large group chats
  • WhatsApp is releasing a blur tool for images on Desktop