Toys R Us returns to the UK ahead of Christmas 2022 - new website launched with thousands of toys on sale

The toy store closed all 100 of its stores in the UK after filing for bankruptcy in 2018.

Popular retailer Toys R Us is back in business after it launched a new website ahead of the festive season.

The toy shop launched in the United Kingdom in 1985 and had a grand total of 105 different locations across the country - it was originally set up in the US.

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However, following a period of dwindling in-store sales and failed attempts to sell the business, Toys R Us UK entered into administration in April 2018.

A decision which resulted in the closure of all its stores nationwide, leading to over 2,000 redundancies.

But now it looks like the company is making a grand return to the retail scene, so here is everything you need to know about the re-launch of Toys R Us.

Has Toys R Us returned to the United Kingdom?

After a five-year absence, Toys R Us has officially returned to the UK with a fresh new website.

It is available online at and comes ahead of this year’s Christmas season - and the rush of people stocking up on presents.

A catalogue which boasts around 14,000 toys from over 100 different retailers with the added bonus of next-day delivery.

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The company first revealed its intentions to relaunch in October 2021 when it published the following statement: “We are relaunching in the UK in 2022 as a brand new Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

“We can’t wait to support you as we grow and develop together over the coming weeks, months and years.”

Will Toys R Us re-open its stores or will it be an online-only retailer?

A website under the name Toys R Us has fuelled rumours that the business is back. (Credit: Getty Images)
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During the height of its popularity, Toys R Us had a total of 105 bricks and mortar premises.

Despite this, it is understood that under the current plans the business will re-launch as an online-only retailer.