This is when UK tourists may be allowed to visit Spain again - according to its transport minister

Spain plans to allow foreign visitors - including the UK - into the country by next week, according to new government updates on tourism in the country.

Jose Luis Abalos previously said that Spain was aiming to reboot its travel economy in time for the summer period.

When can travellers from the UK enter Spain?

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Spanish Government sources have since confirmed on Sunday evening (14 June) that despite Brexit, the UK is still enjoys full EU membership rights, due to the country being in a transition period.

Under the newly announced rules, UK travellers will be able to enter Spain from June 21 - when Spain's state of emergency ends.

International visitors arriving in Spain will also no longer need to commit to 14 days of quarantine, however visitors will still need to wear a mask in crowded public spaces until a vaccine for coronavirus is found.

What did the Spanish transport minister say?

Abalos said the travel ban was only a temporary measure, and one that would be slowly eased, alongside the gradual lifting of domestic travel bans across the country.

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Speaking to the Spanish broadcaster, RTVE, he said, "As soon as we Spaniards can travel to other provinces, foreigners will be able to come to Spain.

"From late June, we'll start the tourism activity, I hope. We must make Spain an attractive country from the health point of view.

“It is consistent with the phase-out plan. We can't allow foreigners to travel while the Spanish population is confined."

What restrictions have been eased in Spain?

Spain has been one of the most affected countries during the pandemic, with over 231,000 recorded infections, as well as 27,600 deaths.

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However, on Sunday 17 May, the country saw 87 new deaths, the lowest recorded daily figure since 16 March - two days after their lockdown began.

Additionally, last week, Spaniards were allowed to socialise for the first time since their country went into a strict lockdown on 14 March.

Other eased restrictions have allowed people to shop in small establishments, and has also allowed gatherings of 10 people at restaurants and bars with outdoor seating.

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