The benefits of giving up alcohol for Lent

Every year, Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent. This is a 40-day period in the lead up to Easter. This is seen as a time of critical self-reflection. People give up luxurious goods in order to improve self-discipline.

Whatever you choose to give up for Lent does not have to be framed as a punishment. In fact, you can pick something that will benefit you in the long run. Here are some benefits of giving up alcohol for Lent:

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1. Sleep patterns improve

You may find your sleeping pattern improves from drinking less alcohol (photo: adobe)You may find your sleeping pattern improves from drinking less alcohol (photo: adobe)
You may find your sleeping pattern improves from drinking less alcohol (photo: adobe)

Alcohol is often seen as a sleeping aid to help you drift off. However, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can affect the quality and pattern of your sleep. This is because of headaches, dehydration and the increased need to urinate.

2. Blood pressure reduces to healthier levels

Your blood pressure may increase due to a high intake of alcohol. This could lead to complicated health problems in the long run.

Giving up booze will help to lower your blood pressure to a much healthier level- even if the break only lasts a month. This can help reduce the risk of other health issues associated with high blood pressure and alcohol consumption.

3. Skin starts to look better

A minor benefit to the cutting of alcohol is the look of your skin. Alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated much quickly than normal. This can lead to dry and scaly skin.

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You may notice spots or dry patches on the skin clear up once you remove alcohol from your intake. This can positively affect the overall appearance of your skin.

4. You may lose weight

A major issue which comes with alcohol is the number of calories it contains. Drinks such as beer and wine are particularly calorific. If you decide to cut out alcohol for Lent, you may find that you being to shed pounds you put on when consuming high amounts of alcohol.

5. You will feel better in general

When you regularly drink high amounts of alcohol, you can start to feel lethargic and unwell the next day. This is because of how alcohol interferes with the effective functioning of the body.

When taking a break this month, you may find you have more energy to do things you would not normally do. For example, you may spend less time at home and more time with friends. So if you find yourself craving an alcoholic beverage sometime this month, think about how much better it might feel to wake up having slept well and no hangover.

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