The app that can help you reduce your carbon footprint - Pioneering People podcast

Pioneering People is back for a second series, with a whole range of entrepreneurial stories.

On the first episode, host Morven McIntyre is joined by Christian Arno, a Scottish entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Pawprint, and founder and president of translation company Lingo24.

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Pawprint, co-founded by Christian in the summer of 2019, is an app which acts as an 'eco companion' that allows individuals and companies to calculate, understand and reduce their annual carbon footprint - or as Christian would call it their ‘paw print’.

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The idea came to him after he thought applying numbers to individual choices would help people to quantify their relative importance. Christian explained the branding behind the product:

“People talk about a carbon footprint. We wanted something that connected to nature and shows our kinship to nature but also gives an interesting visual way of looking at all of our impacts on the environment.

"The toe prints of the paw print to show all of the different bits that contribute to all of our impact. Whether that’s our diets, our home and how we travel.”

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The app offers a personalised tracking and tips service for users with an ambitious goal of supporting a million people taking one tonne of CO2 emissions off their annual 'pawprint'.

Other features include helping users with lifestyle goals such as saving money, eating better and being more active.

When asked how the app would be made accessible to the average person who eats meat and enjoys holidaying abroad, Christian says: “There is a risk with the climate crisis that people think, what can I as an individual do, and what does what I do matter? A central message with Pawprint is that we all matter and we can all have a huge impact if we come together and make change based on science.”

“It’s all about unity and coming together. Not judging people but working with people.”

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