Revealed: the top and trending gender neutral baby names

The popularity of gender neutral baby names has really increased over the last decade.

Research has show that Charlie is the most popular gender neutral baby name, with 95,730 boys and 7,770 girls being given the name during the last 10 years.

The second most popular gender neutral baby name is Dylan, with 57220 boys and 248 girls so named by their parents.

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    Choosing a name for your child is a difficult decision at any time, whether that’s for a boy or a girl. But picking out the name without knowing the sex can be even more challenging for parents-to-be.

    The name you pick has got to last a lifetime so the pressure is on to choose the right one.

    OLBG uncovered the most popular gender neutral baby names of the last decade to give


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    inspiration to anyone expecting a new bundle of delight in 2022.

    The top gender neutral baby names since 2010 are revealed as follows - first figure for boys, and second for girls;

    Charlie   95,730 and 7,770


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    Morgan  15,507 and 9,460

    Jordan   35,755 and 3,972

    Jamie    40,202 and 2,575

    Taylor    13,870 and 7,161


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    Alex       31,220 and 3,075

    Frankie   14,121 and 5,156

    Tyler      41,027 and 1,746

    Riley      35,125 and 1,664


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    Harley    20,377 and 2,704

    Ashley    12,107 and 2,651

    Bailey     15,235 and 1,871

    Cameron 39,353 and 708


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    Casey      3,927 and 6,903

    Ellis       16,940 and 1,392

    Eden       2,763 and 8,173

    Rowan    10,109 and 1,894


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    Logan     36,967 and 414

    Dylan      57,220 and 248

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