Lifeline is a new TV conspiracy thriller with a supernatural twist

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A top investigative journalist exploring a spate of missing person cases. A leading doctor struggling to deal with the demands of his job.

Spanish TV thriller series Lifeline manages to combine both of these characters and elements in unexpected, surprising fashion.

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And it's coming to Channel 4 and All 4 via Walter Presents later this month.

A vast and terrifying conspiracy

Lifeline revolves around renowned neurosurgeon Alex, who undergoes a life-saving heart transplant after a sudden, catastrophic collapse.

The heart he inherits just happens to have come courtesy of leading war correspondent turned investigative journalist Rodrigo, who died in mysterious circumstances after investigating a series of disappearances in Madrid.

And here's where Lifeline takes on a slightly fantastical, supernatural twist.

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Alex starts experiencing nightmares which may or may not be memories of the heart's former 'owner'. And these visions lead him to team up with Lara, Rodgrigo's protege, to uncover a vast and terrifying conspiracy.

Not your typical thriller

Walter Presents have hinted at the drama's "narrative twists" and "epic cliffhangers", and there are certainly some interesting elements at work.

Alex, who had already been taking drugs to deal with the stress of his job, finds his marriage under strain. And he also starts exhibiting signs of Rodrigo's personality - which leads to complications with Lara.

Lifeline, or 'Pulsaciones' in its native language, hails from the makers of Spanish prison drama Locked Up, which has become an international hit.

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Unlike Locked Up however, this is a contained 10-episode series with a conclusive ending. So bingers will be able to get the whole story without having to wait months or years for a follow-up.

Lifeline puts a novel spin on the conspiracy thriller concept (Photo: Atresmedia/Walter Presents)

Created by award-winning writer and director Emilio Aragón, the inspiration behind Lifeline is certainly different from your typical investigative drama.

In an interview, Aragon explained the idea was sparked by reading an article about the alleged phenomenon of transplant recipients adopting characteristics of their donors.

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"The most interesting part, from a creative point of view, was the chance to cross a thriller with something so related to human emotion," he added.

Lifeline is set to premiere on Channel 4 on Sunday April 15 at 10pm. It will be available on All 4 from Monday April 16.

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