Labour report to propose scrapping House of Lords as Keir Starmer promises ‘biggest ever transfer of power’

Plans to hand over more powers to local authorities comes alongside Starmer’s vision to abolish the House of Lords.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has vowed that should Labour win the next general election, he will oversee  “the biggest ever transfer of power from Westminster to the British people.”

His promise comes ahead of the Labour leader’s visit to Leeds on Monday (December 5) where he plans to launch proposals for far-reaching reforms in the UK political system.

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Starmer said he was “very keen that all of the recommendations in the report are carried out as quickly as possible” followed by calling the current system of an unelected chamber as “indefensible.”

Labour proposes the House of Lords should be scrapped amid warnings that unelected membership has grown excessive, with about 800 sitting members.

The report, titled A New Britain, looks to put forward 40 recommendations including the handing over of new economic powers to English mayors, local authorities and devolved governments.

Keir Starmer will set out Labour's new vision for the constitutional future of the UK today.
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It argues that continuing over-concentration of power in Westminster and Whitehall is undermining our ability to deliver growth and prosperity for the whole country", creating a "vicious circle.”

But perhaps the biggest news to stem from the forthcoming report comes through Starmer’s admission he wants to abolish the House of Lords, but opponents of the abolishment including Conservative peer Lord Norton believe such “big bang reform” should be treated with caution.

“The detailed legislative scrutiny improves the law of this country," he said.

Labour will consult on the report’s proposals and the timeframe in which they can be delivered before deciding whether to put them in its next election manifesto with one Labour source telling the BBC: "Everything in our manifesto we will seek to deliver in a parliamentary term".