How to enroll your children into wizard school - new idea for Halloween

Two Yorkshire entrepreneurs have conjured up a novel and spooky treat for children, young people and fantasy fiction fans who will be missing out on trick or treat this Halloween.

Mystery Mail, a new concept, offers players a place at Wizard School with the potential to become the next Sorcerer’s Apprentice, if they can solve the riddles and cryptic tasks enclosed in their intriguing envelope.

The initiative was launched during lockdown in response to the increased demand for home-based activities and has been a hit with those seeking to send thoughtful gifts through the post for special occasions, as many traditional celebratory parties have been cancelled or postponed.

In addition to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry game, the company offers a Catch Me If You

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    Can murder mystery thriller and is also currently developing a festive game for the forthcoming Christmas market.

    Players receive a mysterious envelope in the post, containing a greeting card and the ‘immersive experience’ of a gripping story, a series of puzzles to solve and a handful of cryptic clues to get their minds ticking.

    Solving the brainteasers not only unravels the exciting conclusion to the story but also provides a secret password to access a personalised online message from the sender.

    The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry game is ideal for children aged eight to 11, teens of 12 to 15 or adults 16 plus, and is particularly relevant for those with a love of spooky fantasy stories such as Harry Potter, Winnie the Witch, Sabrina and Meg & Mog.


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    With many young terrors missing out on Halloween parties and Trick or Treat activities this year, the games offer some timely spooky fun whilst also stimulating their grey matter.

    Matt Elms, co-creator of Mystery Mail said: “This is a great opportunity to send family or friends a personalised, innovative and interactive gift that combines a traditional greeting card with a brainteasing puzzle and surprisefinale.

    “The packs are ideal for birthdays and other special occasions, but this Witchcraft and Wizardry game fits the Halloween theme perfectly and offers an activity to those who might otherwise be missing out.”

    Visit website or contact [email protected] email address.Mystery Mail costs £9.99 including free first class postage.