Here’s everything you need to know about the Roblox Monkey Fairground update on Adopt Me

Everything you need to know about the new update (Photo: Roblox)Everything you need to know about the new update (Photo: Roblox)
Everything you need to know about the new update (Photo: Roblox)

Adopt Me players will be thrilled to hear that a new update is coming to the Adopt Me servers today (Thursday 28 May).

This is everything that you need to know about it - and what Adopt Me is all about for those who haven’t heard of the online game.

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What’s the update?

The new update coming to Adopt Me is The Monkey Fairground, starting at 5pm, British time.

Inside the Monkey Fairground, players will be able to use bucks to purchase a jack in the box which holds different items inside - and a guaranteed monkey pet.

Collect enough items and you’ll be able to trade them for new monkey variants.

Players can also use Robux to buy a special box containing exclusive monkey items, which can also be exchanged for variants of monkey pets.

There are six monkeys to adopt in the Monkey Fairground.

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The announcement video explains that each monkey is special in their own way.

“Some of them come with their own pet accessories, animations and tricks to show off their unique personalities - so no monkey is the same as the other,” the announcement explains.

Players are encouraged to visit the Monkey Fairground whilst it’s in town, as it won’t be available forever “and it may be some time before it returns”.

You can visit the Adopt Me website here to access the update when it goes live.

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What is Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is a free online game from Roblox, which allows you to build homes, raise cute pets and make online friends.

Adopt Me is available to play on the Roblox website, and via the app for phones, tablets, PC and Xbox One.

Players can:

  • Raise over 65+ cute pets
  • Build and decorate your house
  • Unlock fun toys and vehicles
  • Make new friends with other players
  • Trade items with other players
  • Explore a magical world where there is a new adventure to experience every day
  • Invent your own fun, new ways to play

Adopt Me is the number one game on Roblox, with 50 million monthly active players and a world record of 1.6 million players online.

How have fans reacted to the update announcement?

Taking to Twitter, fans have expressed their excitement for the Monkey Fairground update.

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One user wrote: “I am SOOOOO excited you already know I’m naming him curious George, I don’t care which monkey I get, I will be grateful I’m just so extremely excited!”

Another wrote: “I love how the carnival looks from the outside! You guys did amazing!”

“Ninja Monkey! Can’t wait for that one to come! He just looks so cool and is ready to fight anything that gets in his way!” tweeted another fan.

The teaser trailer for the update was also posted on the Adopt Me YouTube channel as well, where fans expressed their excitement.

“OMG I’m sooooo excited for the update to finally come!!!!” wrote a YouTube comment.

Another said: “I saw this yesterday and I couldn’t sleep for the whole night!”

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