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A guide dog has given birth to a whopping 16 puppies!

The huge litter has set a new record for the sight loss charity, Guide Dogs, which helps blind and partially sighted people.

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    Guide dogs live with people who are blind or partially sighted and help them with their day-to-day lives

    The black pups were born to mum Unity, a German Shepherd, and Dad Trigger, a Golden Retriever. It's hoped they will have the loyalty of their mum's breed, plus the friendliness of their dad's.

    The pups, who are now over two months old, have been sent to volunteer puupy raisers across the UK. These volunteers help to care and train the young pups, before they go to become fully fledged guide dogs.

    Matthew Bottomley, head of breeding at Guide Dogs, said: "A litter of 16 is incredibly unusual, but such a gift."


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    Helping Madagascar!

    By Talisa, Kensington Prep School

    I wanted to try to raise awareness of the current crisis in Madagascar, the world’s second-largest island country.


    Every child knows the movie Madagascar, where animals escape from a zoo in New York to reach this wonderful island. In real life, however, Madagascar has been suffering tremendously during a drought that has lasted for four years. It has had devastating effects including famine, and over a million people are in need of food and assistance.

    I wanted to raise awareness about the crisis in Madagascar and raise money for a charity trying to help the island. I just raised £800 by doing a 10km bike ride and would like to encourage other children to do similar fundraisers to help.



    25 January

    People around the world celebrate one of Scotland's heroes, poet Robert Burns, with Burns suppers of Haggis, whisky and poetry.


    27 January

    A day for the world to remember the millions of victims of the Holocaust during World War Two.


    Waitrose has become the first UK supermarket to stock Sunions – onions that won’t make you cry!

    The new, sweeter onions don’t contain the chemical syn-Propanethial-S-oxide, which is the stuff that gets released when onions are cut and causes people’s eyes to sting and water.


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