Donald Trump gives defiant Congress speech - as Nancy Pelosi tears up a copy

Donald Trump has delivered his third State of Union address, on the eve of his impeachment trial and just months away from the upcoming presidential election.

In his optimistic speech to Congress, the US President set out his case for another four years in office, hailing "America's great comeback".

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The president focused on perceived victories over the past three years, and remarked on his priorities for the coming year, including middle-class tax cuts, school choice, immigration and the military.

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    Trump made it through the speech without mentioning impeachment, while Republican lawmakers chanted "four more years", urging him on for November's White House election.

    Nancy Pelosi's speech-ripping moment

    However the evening was not without discord, with the President appearing to snub a handshake attempt from Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House Speaker.

    The House speaker also skipped the traditional introduction welcoming the president as a "distinct honour".

    After his address Ms Pelosi tore up her copy of his speech, in plain view of the cameras broadcasting the event across the nation.

    Impeachment trial

    The Republican president delivered Tuesday night's nationally televised speech in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, where he was impeached in December.

    His trial in the upper chamber, the Senate, culminates on Wednesday but with Republicans in charge there he is all but certain to be cleared.