Cadbury is launching 3 new flavours of Dairy Milk chocolate - which one would you vote for?

Which new flavour tempts you the most? (Photo: Shutterstock)Which new flavour tempts you the most? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Which new flavour tempts you the most? (Photo: Shutterstock)

A new batch of Cadbury chocolate bars is set to  launch, as the products of the company's regular 'inventor' competition are revealed.

The three new limited edition Dairy Milk bars, created by this year’s Cadbury Inventor finalists, will be available to buy from 8 July.

What are the flavours?

The new flavours are:

  • Gillian’s Cadbury Dairy Milk coconutty
  • Shannon’s Cadbury Dairy Milk crunchy honeycomb
  • Taylor’s Cadbury Dairy Milk out of the blueberry
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All three bars will be available at Tesco exclusively from 8 July, before launching in participating supermarkets nationwide on 22 July.

A spokesperson for Cadbury said, "The three new limited edition bars have been put to the public vote, going head to head to be crowned the nation's favourite and the latest addition to the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk range. Fans will be able to vote on the website until 6th September."

Cadbury's inventor competition

Last year, Cadbury challenged the nation to come up with new and exciting flavours for 2020’s Cadbury Inventor competition.

With over 90,000 possible combinations of ingredients to choose from, 120,000 people submitted entries for the chance to create and name their very own limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

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The three finalists travelled to the Cadbury Innovation Kitchen in Bournville (the home of Cadbury), where they worked with chocolate experts to experiment with their ingredients and make their creations a reality.

The finalists

Gillian is a 36 year old Liverpool FC fan from Northern Ireland. She has created Cadbury Dairy Milk coconutty after being inspired by her children's love for fresh coconut and white chocolate.

Gillian’s bar includes milk chocolate with coconut crumble, studded with smooth white crisp pearls.

Shannon, a 19 year old student from Nottingham, says she created her Cadbury Dairy Milk crunchy honeycomb after declaring her love for crunchy honeycomb and sweet caramel.

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Shannon’s bar combines milk chocolate, golden crunchy honeycomb pieces with tasty caramel flavoured fudge and chopped hazelnuts to add an extra crunch.

And 24 year old Taylor from Leeds, says she created Cadbury Dairy Milk out of the blueberry after her son always had a love and obsession for blueberries. Taylor’s bar consists of milk chocolate with juicy blueberry flavoured nuggets with white crisp pearls.

The winner will be announced in September.

To apply for 2021’s Cadbury Inventor competition, head over to the Cadbury inventor website to submit your chocolatey creation.