Be paid £50 an hour to watch hack videos online

There's a job up for grabs that could earn you £50 an hour, for watching TikTok videos.

The position, as a ‘TikTok Hack Reviewer’ involves watching popular DIY hack videos on the social media platform, as research for the website of a UK based marketplace that connects professional and hobby builders with materials suppliers.

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TikTok ‘hacks’ are videos created on the platform with the aim of sharing a tip or trick to make an individual’s life easier. will pay the successful candidate to sit and watch several hours’ worth of DIY and home renovation hack videos on TikTok.

They will then need to make a list of the most popular videos they find with useful-looking hacks, and report back with these.

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The marketplace wants to inspire its users to try DIY and home renovation hacks at home.

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On receiving the list of hacks, Materials Market’s team will analyse each and give guidance to budding DIY enthusiasts – including how useful each hack is and if it provides a viable and reliable solution.

The ‘TikTok Hack Reviewer’ will earn £50 per hour for a maximum ten hours. The candidate will be selected early January with the role to be filled soon after.

Apply for the role here:

The ‘TikTok Hack Reviewer’ will be on the lookout for trending hacks that involve DIY, construction, and hands-on crafts. The successful applicant will also have a month’s worth of WiFi paid for them in expenses.

The closing date for applications is December 22, 2021.

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Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said: “We’ve all seen hacks online – especially DIY ones – that can be useful but on the other hand, ones that are not reliable at all and can result in disaster!

"This is a perfect way to use a fun platform like TikTok to further the Materials Market ethos and make the lives of DIY enthusiasts and wannabe home renovators a bit easier with our on-site guides.

“I am absolutely certain that this is going to be a dream job for many  - so I recommend getting applications in as early as possible.”

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