Asda is adding a completely vegan aisle to its stores - here’s what will be on offer

In a UK supermarket first, Asda is launching a vegan aisle in its stores (Photo: Asda)In a UK supermarket first, Asda is launching a vegan aisle in its stores (Photo: Asda)
In a UK supermarket first, Asda is launching a vegan aisle in its stores (Photo: Asda)

Meat-free alternatives are becoming more popular than ever before, as more and more people adopt vegan and vegetarian diets, or simply make moves to reduce their meat consumption.

Asda has become the first UK supermarket to launch a completely vegan aisle in its stores.

Here’s why, and what it will be like.

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Why is Asda launching a vegan aisle?

Asda conducted research in January 2020 which showed that 17 per cent of UK households are reducing their meat intake, or are following a plant based diet.

On the Asda website, searches for vegan products have also skyrocketed by 275 per cent since 2019, so the supermarket giant has invested in launching a dedicated vegan aisle across 359 stores.

Asda’s Buying Manager, Sarah Thronewill, said, “We understand that customers want a quick and simple shopping experience, and this shouldn’t be restricted by dietary requirements.

“By merchandising all our vegan items together, we hope to save customers time and offer inspiration, whether for those following a plant based diet or those looking to reduce their meat consumption.”

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What products will be in the vegan aisle?

Asda said that there will be 104 new products launched in the exclusive vegan aisle, which will consist of “one bay of savoury products including proteins, cooking sauces and condiments, and one bay of snacks and sweet lines.”

Specifically, some products include:

  • Asda Pasta Lentil Bowl (£1.50)
  • Asda Rice Bowl (£1.50)
  • Exclusive Bosh Falafel Mix (£1.99)
  • Exclusive Galaxy Mint and Galaxy Cookie Crumble (£2.50)

Are other supermarkets offering more vegan options?

Asda isn’t the only supermarket to recognise the demand for more meat-free products - Tesco announced on 29 September that it was committing to a 300 per cent increase in the sales of its meat-free alternatives.

The aim is to achieve this goal by 2025, as part of its collaboration with partner WWF to halve the environmental impact of food productions.

Sainsbury’s also launched a whole host of new vegan products at the start of the year, including its own plant-based brand, Plant Pioneers. The range includes the likes of vegan burgers, hotdogs, sausage rolls, fishless fingers and chicken-style nuggets.

Sainsbury’s reported a 24 per cent increase in customers searching for vegan products on its website, and a 65 per cent increase in sales of plant based products each year.

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