Brexit: Car prices to increase by as much as £9,000 with 75% of Lancashire drivers expecting to pay more

Three quarters drivers in Lancashire believe the price of cars is going to shoot up by as much as £3,000 should a no-deal Brexit come to pass, according to a new survey by one of the UK's most popular vehicle selling websites.
Some cars are set to rise in price by almost 9,000.Some cars are set to rise in price by almost 9,000.
Some cars are set to rise in price by almost 9,000.

With catastrophic temporary shutdowns and full or partial closures already being put into place by many major international car manufacturers based in the UK including Nissan and Honda, the shape of the once-powerful automotive industry in the UK is beginning to stagger as Brexit takes its toll and uncertainty leads to decreased investment.

Despite the blatant uncertainty represented by a cliff-edge no-deal Brexit, there is one thing which the motor industry can wholeheartedly agree on: the cost of buying a car is going to increase after Brexit day on March 29th regardless of the deal the country manages to obtain, with one in two Lancashire drivers polled by carwow saying they're expecting price hikes.

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“The one certainty about Brexit is that things are not going to get better for the car industry quickly and the car buying public are feeling apprehensive - they have been for some time now," said Alex Rose, Trading and Supply Operations Director at carwow, who have created a Brexit prediction tool to estimate the price rises of each major car manufacturer.

“The prices being put on new models in the aftermath of Brexit vary wildly, which is why we have tried to give motorists some clarity with our price prediction tool," he added.

The tool - constructed using a comprehensive collection of published data - shows that drivers are right to be afraid, with the cost of a new Honda set to rise by £2,676, a Hyundai by £2,268, a Fiat by £3,225, and a Citroen by £3,942. Even worse, luxury brands like BMW (£8,850) and Audi (£8,137) are set for even higher price hikes, while on the less-costly end of the scale, a new Ford set to be hit by a rise of £727; a MINI by £644 and a Vauxhall by £631.