Will I need a new passport after Brexit?

One of the most searched for terms on Google at the moment is about changes to the UK passport.

Travellers want to make sure they have a valid document in time for their Easter or summer holidays abroad.

It is true that British passports will change after we leave the EU, with blue and gold passports making a return. According to the government, this is "in a move to symbolise our national identity."

However, there's no need to do anything until your current passport is ready for renewal. You'll still be able to travel on your old burgundy passport as it is a UK document.

Will I need a new passport after Brexit?

Our readers' questions: What is the future for Erasmus students?You will need to have at least six months left on your passport to travel to an EU country (much like you do now to travel to some non-EU countries) if we leave with no deal. And if you renewed your passport before it expired, then any extra months won't count either. In other words, your passport should not be any older than nine years and six months when you travel.

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