Wife’s tribute to husband killed in honeymoon shark attack

THE devoted wife of Pendle shark attack victim Ian Redmond has said her husband would want people to smile when they hear his name.

Gemma Redmond paid a touching tribute to her husband outside Bolton Corner’s Court and told how, despite the tragedy on their Seychelles honeymoon, she did not want the accident to dominate his legacy.

“It is my wish that Ian be remembered for his special qualities and the remarkable way in which he enriched the lives of his family and friends for 30 years. I know he would want people to smile and feel uplifted and comforted when they hear his name.”

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Gemma, a teacher in Skelmersdale, and Ian had planned their honeymoon to be a trip of a lifetime giving them both the chance to do what they loved which for Ian was snorkelling.

The couple, who met in their final year at Manchester University, had been together for nine years and got engaged in 2008, before tying the knot at St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Dalton, last August 6th.

In her emotional tribute Gemma told how Ian was a wonderful husband and her best friend.

She added that at the time of his death there had been reports the couple knew a French tourist had been killed in the same way on the same beach just weeks before.

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But she said: “This inquest has provided me with an opportunity to correct false and upsetting reports that Ian and I were aware of the sad fate that befell another tourist at the same beach prior to our time in the Seychelles.

“It has been confirmed no warnings of any kind were given. It is the ocean and wildlife can choose to come and go as it pleases. I can only hope my husband’s death has made people more aware of the dangers involved in swimming in the waters surrounding whichever country they choose to visit.”

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