West Bradford whist and dominoes

Tricks and spotsThere were 12 tables in play at the whist and domino drive in West Bradford Village Hall. Military whist winners were: B. Garnet, A. Shaw, E. Thackeray, M. Wellock with a score of 53.

Dominoes: K. Edmondson, R. Knight, E. Weaver, V. Giles, M. Lofthouse.

Raffle: E. Weaver, M. Wright, M. Spink, M. Wellock.

250 ClubWinners of the October 250 Club were: N. and G. Rosic (25), J. Fox (20), G. Barron (15), N. and C. Bristol (10), A. and L. Renshaw (7,50), A. and S. Plant (5).

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