Weather in Lancashire: This is when the county will see some sunshine this week

Reports claim it will be hotter than Ibiza in some parts of the country this week – but the sun will be scarce in Lancashire until Saturday.

From Saturday, May 7 to Monday, May 16, the Met Office’s forecast says settled weather is likely to dominate for much of this period, bringing fine and dry conditions to many areas.

Northerly regions are more likely to see a scattering of showers, interspersed by bands of more persistent or heavier rain at times. Winds should be generally light to moderate, but occasionally stronger in the north.

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Temperatures are likely to remain above average, except nearer to the coast and perhaps in the far north, which may see slightly cooler conditions. Coastal areas may also experience periods of low cloud or fog. The very end of the period may start to see a change to slightly more unsettled conditions, bringing periods of rain or showers more widely across the country.

The sun will make a welcome return on Saturday and into next week