August downpours won't last after unseasonable rainfall

Unseasonable showers and breeze throughout much of the UK look set to die down after today to be replaced with balmier weather in the later part of this week.
Chris Mole, shuttestockChris Mole, shuttestock
Chris Mole, shuttestock

After showers overnight, a damp and cloudy start to the day was expected in southern parts of the country.

The rain looks set to move into the north of England as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland this afternoon and there could be heavy downpours in some areas of Scotland tomorrow, Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said.

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Compared with July, August has already proved to be wet, with warnings last night that some areas had seen more rain over in the course of a day than fell in the whole of July.

No flood or other weather warnings were issued, however.

Meanwhile, Bookmakers Coral have reportedly cut the odds on this August being the hottest on record from 5-1 to 3-1 amid a flurry of bets that Britain will bask in a heatwave before the month is out.