WATCH: Fire service uses Stephen King's IT as inspiration for horror safety video

Firefighters have released a spooky parody of a horror film - to encourage people to test their alarms.

The fire brigade has piggybacked the publicity around the new Stephen King film ‘IT’ to make a creepy safety video to help raise awareness.

The story behind ‘IT’ involves a group of children who face their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, who carries a trademark red balloon.

A red balloon is featured in the fire version, which the force said represents the fear of a house fire or fire itself.

The balloon makes its way into a family home, only to be stopped by a firefighter who reaches up to test the home’s smoke alarm.

The clip urges “Don’t be a clown” and to “Test ‘IT’ weekly”.

Firefighters said they hope to promote the importance of testing smoke alarms weekly, and having an escape plan in place.

A spokesman for the Kent Fire Service, which put the video together, said: “We’re always trying to find new ways to reach different audiences to encourage them to think about safety particularly in the home.

“By jumping on the back of the excitement of the movies, we hope people will relate to our films and take on board their safety messages.

“By using the red balloon to represent fear of fire or fire itself, we are tapping into generating potential behaviour change through the use of emotions and protecting those we love the most - our family, pets and home.”