Video: Dychio - Burnley's newest fan

Isn't this little chap the cutest thing you have ever seen?

His name is Dychio and he is the newest member of the family at Burnley's Horse and Ponies Protection Association.

Named by Clarets supporters in honour of their manager Sean Dyche after he took them into the Premier League, Dychio came into the world on Thursday, May 18th.

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And this video shows he is already up and about and getting used to his new surroundings, with a bit of help from his mum, Lumiere and staff at the charity based at Briercliffe's Shores Hey Farm.

It was touch and go at the start for the adorable foal as he found it difficult to suckle when he was first born as, due to his height, he could not stretch his head and neck underneath his mum's body. He could not work out how to bend his legs either to help the situation.

Everyone waited with baited breath and the mum and baby were monitored on a foaling camera so their bonding time was not disturbed too much. Eventually he began to feed well and has now grown in strength and is in the best of health bouncing around the farm.