Victory for campaigners over power plant plans but appeal will be lodged

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Community campaigners are celebrating after a controversial planning application to build an electricity generator on green land was rejected by councillors.

The National Grid proposal to build a gas-powered power plant on land to the south of Blackburn Road, Padiham, was rejected by members of Burnley Borough Council’s development control committee.Padiham Community Action Group had objected to the application, but members said they are concerned that the applicants had lodged an appeal.Mr David Edmondson, vice chairman of the community group, said: “The site would consist of 29 generating sets, each with a chimney stack over 40ft high. Padiham Community Action opposed this needless erosion of our Green Belt land.

"The height and number of the chimneys would be a blot on our landscape. We are also concerned about noise pollution affecting the properties on Dean Range. In addition to this there must surely be pollution from a gas-fired station.

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"The earmarked land is on the opposite bank to greenbelt land that has been recently rejected for industrial development from the local plan by the independent inspector.

"We considered that the proposed development was a significant departure from the adopted Local Plan and the Emerging Local Plan. If approved, it would have been harmful to the integrity and function of the Green Belt.”The group also stated that the proposed development is not low carbon and does not use renewable fuels and therefore does not meet the government’s targets for reducing carbon emissions.Simonstone Parish Council also objected on the grounds that the land was the last Green Belt low grade grassland between the south and north of the River Calder.Neighbouring business Fagan and Whalley objected on the grounds that the proposed facility would create electro magnetic interference.The applicants have lodged an appeal.