Vandals target life-saving heart start machine

The vandalism of a defibrillator outside a social club could be the difference between “life and death”, according to a steward who works there.
Read and Simonstone Constitutional Club.Read and Simonstone Constitutional Club.
Read and Simonstone Constitutional Club.

A defibrillator outside Read and Simonstone Constitutional Club in Whalley Road had its handle pulled off, rendering the life-saving equipment unusable.

Police believe the incident took place between 8pm on Friday, August 7th, and 8am on Saturday, August 8th.

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Graham Handford, steward at the club, was concerned by the damage caused to the defibrillator.

“If someone was going to have a heart attack outside the club I could not get to it and we would have to get the other defibrillator from the Stork Hotel up the street,” he said. “It might be a matter of life and death.”

Burnley Police confirmed they would be making inquiries, and encouraged anybody with information to call 101.

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