Burnley schoolchildren did not turn their noses up at author's new book

Perhaps for the frst time youngsters at a Burnley primary school were encouraged to talk about snot!

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 11:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 11:44 am
Author Phil Walker was a hit with pupils at St Augustine's RC Primary School in Burnley when he went along to talk about his book The Snots (photo by Andy Ford)

St Augustine's RC Primary welcomed author Phil Walker to talk about his book The Snots.

Also a stand up comedian and the son of Catchphrase presenter Roy Walker, Phil's book is about a family of snots who live up the nose of a boy called Billy.

Phil, who regularly appears in in pantomimes, said: "Billy picks his nose and then eats it and the snots travel around his body and they identify the parts where they can go.

Youngsters at Burnley's St Augustine's RC Primary School were delightred to talk about a new book called The Snots (photo by Andy Ford)

“It’s a bit gross but the primary school children love it and it is educational as it teaches them about different parts of the body and how they work.

"I really enjoy coming to schools and seeing their faces as we read parts of the book and look at the illustrations.

"It allows them to talk about snot!”

Headteacher Sinead Colbeck said Phil's visit may prompt her pupils to think twice about picking their noses, adding: "It was great to have Phil here.

"He entertained the pupils and they were animated as they listened to him."