Twenty is plenty if you’re driving close to a school

Children returning to hundreds of Lancashire schools this week will have safer journeys thanks to new 20mph speed limits and flashing signs warning drivers to slow down.

The part-time 20mph limits are being brought in at more than 200 schools
The part-time 20mph limits are being brought in at more than 200 schools

Lancashire County Council has so far installed new lower limits, which operate only at the start and end of the day, outside 152 schools as part of its programme to introduce 20mph as the normal limit in residential areas and near schools.

The part-time 20mph limits are being brought in at more than 200 schools which are on roads outside main residential areas already covered by 20mph limits. The remainder are awaiting construction or at the public consultation stage and expected to be completed in the coming months.

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County Councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Pedestrians and cyclists are at particular risk if they’re hit by a car and seven times more likely to die if the collision is at 30mph rather than 20mph.

20 mph signs.

“Some schools already had measures to encourage slower speeds and alert drivers to the school, but with the new signs and part-time limits we now have a consistent approach across the county for all schools where the main entrance is on a road with a limit higher than 20mph.

“We’re fortunate that hard work to reduce road casualties continues to see deaths and injuries in Lancashire fall year on year, but we’re keen to do more to reduce injuries to children which are historically higher in Lancashire than other areas.”

Lancashire County Council has been working with schools where the new temporary 20mph limits have already begun operating to encourage parents and the wider local community to support the change. Pupils at many schools have made posters and banners to display to drivers passing the school.

Lancashire Constabulary has also supported schools to raise awareness of and enforce 20mph limits by carrying out operations in which pupils or local people help police to monitor traffic and talk to any speeding drivers about the effect their behaviour has on those who live or go to school in the area.

More information on 20mph speed limits outside of schools and in main residential areas can be found at