Turf Moor volunteer's sponsored silence raises for Manchester bombing victims

A Burnley resident has taken a temporary vow of silence to raise funds for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.
Nicky during his sponsored silence.Nicky during his sponsored silence.
Nicky during his sponsored silence.

Having pledged to keep his lips sealed for a full two hours, Nicky Unwin completed the sponsored silence on Wednesday, July 5th during the Burnley FC in the Community Extra Time session between 10am and midday.

Having raised around £150 with his charitable exploits, which took place in the community section based in the Jimmy Mac stand at Burnley Football Club's Turf Moor stadium, Nicky

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"Nicky volunteers in this session making teas and coffee for the group," said Pam Heap, Nicky's mother. "The sponsored silence all went okay; he lasted the full two hours.

When asked if Nicky had enjoyed it, Pam said: "As for enjoying it, I think he was getting a bit fed up at the end! He is on the autistic spectrum so two hours to him was a long time."