Trekkers take the high road for project

Dave Scholes, Ian Scholes, Colin Faulds and David IngramDave Scholes, Ian Scholes, Colin Faulds and David Ingram
Dave Scholes, Ian Scholes, Colin Faulds and David Ingram
A group of Burnley men will be taking the high road in Scotland to mark the launch of a local and international project.

The brave bunch will be tackling the 96 miles of the West Highland Way in just five days to raise money for Project Nine Six – supporting The Machakos Foundation in Kenya, which works to eradicate poverty, and Spacious Place Engage, which works with some of the most vulnerable people in the Burnley area, providing employment opportunities, mental health support and initiatives to reduce offending.

One of the team Dave Scholes, of Spacious Place Engage, said: “The fact that we are doing it for a good cause makes us even more determined to push ourselves and complete the challenge, especially as we’re attempting to complete the trek in far less time than usual.

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“It’s going to be tough but we are all more than up for it. Both of the organisations we are raising money for are close to the hearts of everyone in the team, they are incredibly worthy causes, and we’ll all be sure to see it through. It’ll be well worth it.”

Employment specialist Spacious Place is located in the revamped Slater’s Terrace, part of Burnley’s historic Weavers’ Triangle On the Banks regeneration.

The scheme won approval from Prince Charles who said last year: “How immensely exciting it is to see this part of the Weavers’ Triangle being brought together by the hard work of so many people.”