Wagon driver stuck for 18 hours on Colne road praises residents

A grateful wagon driver trapped for 18 hours on an icy Colne road has praised nearby residents for providing hot drinks and snacks during their ordeal.
The scene in Keighley Road the following morningThe scene in Keighley Road the following morning
The scene in Keighley Road the following morning

Bradford wagon driver Kevin Cheevers was driving from Bolton back to his home town in Yorkshire when he became stuck on the Keighley Road around 2-30pm yesterday.

Unbelievably, he was not able to get off the road until 8am the following day as snow drifts and a stuck wagon blocked the route.

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And although he had a night heater in his cabin, it was the kindness of local residents who brought out hot drinks throughout the night that warmed his heart.

Kevin contacted Leader Times Newspapers to thank all those who had helped.

He said: "I have no other way of thanking these people personally, but I just wanted the public to know how grateful I and all the other wagon drivers were for their kindness.

"There was even a little boy walking up and down with a box of chocolates handing them out to people. We were being offered so many drinks by various residents we had to turn some down. The conditions were awful but our spirits were helped by the resident. None of them complained either that we were blocking their drives. They were lovely lovely people."

Kevin, who drives for Vernon Land Transport in Bradford, said up to 30 wagons had been stuck near to the roundabout on the A6068.