Twelve dead chickens, 30 youths launching attack, and a CARAVAN on a bonfire: Lancashire firefighters called to 165 incidents last night

Firefighters in Lancashire were called to 165 incidents between 4pm and 11.30pm yesterday. They are listed by area below, with details taken from the fire service's logs. They include a caravan being put on a bonfire, teens setting off fireworks from their hands, 12 chickens being killed, and 30 youths attacking firefighters and police officers.
A fire off Ballam Road in Lytham spread to trees (Picture: Lytham Fire Station)A fire off Ballam Road in Lytham spread to trees (Picture: Lytham Fire Station)
A fire off Ballam Road in Lytham spread to trees (Picture: Lytham Fire Station)


West Park Drive: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Victory Road: Fire in the open.

Shannon Street: Fire in the open. Youths throwing fireworks.

Cropper Street: Fire in the open in some fields behind an outbuilding. Nobody seen.

Jubilee Lane: Large pile of assorted waste on fire.

Braithwaite Street: False alarm.

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North Promenade: Youths setting things on fire. False alarm.

Beckway Avenue: False alarm.

Runcorn Avenue: Children set fire to grass.


Ribbleton Lane: Trees and gate on fire.

Moor Park Avenue: Fire in the open near skate park.

Heathfield Drive: Bonfire attended by adults. False alarm.

Grange Avenue: Fire in the open.

Sycamore Road: Large fire next to house.

Neapsands Close: Bins on fire.

Brookfield Street: Waste fire.

New Hall Lane: Play area on fire.

Field Maple Drive: Children set fire in back garden.

Grange Avenue: Youths set off firework which set fire to grass.

Chatburn Road: Kids set fire to bins on top of bonfire. Verbally abusive.

Priory Road: Fence in back garden on fire.


Eaves Lane: Fire in park. False alarm.

Lytham Street: Rubbish and tarmac on fire.

Eaves Lane: Fire in park. False alarm.

Eaves Lane: Fire in park. Aqualidors used.


Breck Road: Fire in open. Youths in attendance. False alarm.

Holts Lane: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Blackpool Old Road: Bonfire.


Amounderness Way: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Rossall Lane: Fire in the open involving bushes.

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Park Avenue: Play area on fire. [The Gazette clarified: Rubbish was set alight in the play area but no equipment was damaged]


Ballam Road: Fire spread to trees

Mythop Road: Unattended fire.


Lytham Road: Fire in open.


Milbanke Avenue: Fire in field near railway. False alarm.


Fryer Close: Fire in open. False alarm.


Weeton Road: Bonfire. False alarm.


Wilderswood, firework set tree on fire. False alarm.


Dorchester Road: Fire in the open involving trees in the back garden of a property.


Mark Square: Fire in the open. False alarm

Blackgate Lane: Skip on fire.


Sycamore Grove: Bonfire spread to trees

Sycamore Grove: Play area on fire. False alarm.

Ryelands Road: Bins on fire in park.

Morecambe Road: Fire in the open on riverbank.

Beaumont Place: False alarm.

Lentworth Drive: Youths messing with bonfire that was dying out.

Torrisholme Road: Youths setting fires in the open.


Heaton Bottom Road: Fire on the riverbank.

Portland Drive: Bush on fire.

Langridge Way: Bins on fire.

Aldingham Court: Outdoor communal area on fire.

Westminster Road: Fire in alley. False alarm.


Green Lane: Large bonfire close to trees. Wind blowing it out of control.


Swallow Close: False alarm.


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The Warings: Fire in the open affecting adjacent property. False alarm.


Church Lane: Fire in the open


Elmridge, Tanhouse: Large bonfire put out at request of organisers due to youths throwing fireworks on it.

Brierfield, Digmoor: Fire in open. Youths in attendance.

Birkrig, Digmoor: Small open fire.

Elmridge, Tanhouse: Bonfire still burning in field from previous night.

White Moss Road: False alarm. Controlled burning.

Banksbarn: No details given.

Birkrig, Digmoor: Two bonfires. Controlled burning.

School Lane: Bin fire.

Cherrycroft: Caravan on bonfire.

Tanhouse Road: Approved bonfire opposite fire station being extinguished.

Cherrycroft: Children throwing fireworks onto bonfire.

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Castlehey: Male putting rubbish on bonfire. Fire service happy fire was controlled.

Clay Brow Road: Unsafe bonfire.

Alderley: Unattended fire. Police were there.


Milton Street: Fire in metal bin in back alley.

Grange Street: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Bamber Bridge

Old Hall Drive. Hedges on fire. False alarm.

Hesketh Bank

Newarth Lane: Controlled burn.


Sycamore Avenue: Allotment on fire. 12 chickens killed. Firefighters there for two hours.

Bracewell Street: Fire in the open.

Brunswick Street: Teens setting bins on fire.

Tunstill Square: Four stolen bins on fire.

Hey Street: Sports area fire.

Halifax Road: Children throwing fireworks. Classed as a risk to firefighters.

Brunswick Street: Bonfire left unattended.

Halifax Road: Children set fire to grass. Attended with police.


Albert Street: Bonfire, and fireworks on fire.

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Union Road: Fire in open. Youths in attendance. False alarm.

Thwaites Road: Bonfire on car park.

Albert Street: Field fire. False alarm.

Hodgson Street: Youths set fire to green. Fire service attended previous night.

Hodgson Avenue: Unattended bonfire.


Grey Street: Fire in playing fields and rubbish.

Sharp Street: False alarm.

Humber Square: Fire in open and youths throwing fireworks.

New Hall Street: Youths throwing fireworks at crews from canal bridge. Police called.

Holmby Street: Pallets on fire.

Richard Street: Fire in open. Youths in attendance.

Tay Street: Fire in open.

Cog Lane: Police said youths were setting a fire. Bonfire in open.

Mitella Street: False alarm

Cog Lane: Bonfire.

Cog Lane: Bonfire.

Queen Victoria Road: Fire on park.


Laneside Road: Unattended bonfire.


St John Street: Fire in open. False alarm.

Skipton Road: Hoax call.

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Slater Avenue: Teens setting fireworks off from their hands.


Hawks Grove: Bonfire re-ignited and spread to garden decking.


Colne Road: Bin set on fire by youths.


Bank Hey View: Small fire in the open on grass field.

Parklands Way: False alarm.

Tommy Smiths: Controlled bonfire reported. No action taken.

Glenfield Close: Small fire in the open.

Hancock Street: Fire in the open. Sofa.

Brodick Road: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Elm Place: Garden fire affecting adjacent property. False alarm.

Pleckfarm Avenue: Unattended bonfire.

Downham Street: Fire in the open.

Heys Lane: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Bowen Street: Fire in the open. False alarm.

Heys Lane: Bonfire. Youths reported. False alarm.

Highfield Road: Large bonfire on the green opposite address. Youths there lighting fireworks too. False alarm.

Temple Drive: Bonfire still alight from previous night.

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Huntley's Store: Bonfire built for 5/11 had been lit deliberately. Controlled burn. Police informed.

Shakespeare Way: Fire on stretch of grass.

Pringle Street: Bonfire outside on grass verge.

Laburnum Road: False alarm.

Heys Lane: No details given.

Sandpiper Close: Bonfire. Call from police. False alarm.

Lambeth Street: Fire on spare land.

Sandpiper Close: Fire in open.

Dunoon Drive: False alarm.

Hall Street: Rubbish on fire in alleyway.

Angela Street: Trees on fire. False alarm.

Scotland Bank Terrace: Youths re-lit community bonfire which had been put out and were throwing rubbish on it.

Robinson Street: Fire in roadway. 25 youths there.

Ambleside: Bins on fire.

Great Harwood

Station Road: Large amount of household rubbish. Police and fire under attack from 30 youths.

Mill Street: Fire in open.

Meadow Street: Fire in yard. Been burning for three days. Multi-agency meeting taken place.


Bolton Road: Fire in a farm field.

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Jacks Key Drive: Small fire reported with youths in attendance. False alarm.

Marsh Terrace: Fire in open. Rubbish.

Olive Lane: Bonfire.

Sudell Road: False alarm.

Powell Street: Youths setting fire.

Olive Lane: No details given.

Perry Street: No details given.

Lily Street: Bonfire.


John Street: Small fire in open. Youths reported in attendance.

Norfolk Grove: Large organised bonfire extinguished as it was in danger of affecting a nearby property.


Barnes Street: Small fire in a rear garden began to affect a neighbouring domestic property.

Wellington Street: Hoax call about fireworks in a bin.

Buxton Street: Rubbish fire in the open.

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Ribblesdale Avenue: Fire in the open in a field at rear of address.

Albert Street: Fire in open. Youths in attendance.

Stanley Street: No details given. False alarm.

Richmond Hill Street: Mattress on fire in back alley.

Stanley Street: Large fire in open. Teenagers putting wood on fire.

Hyndburn Road: Fire in park.

Edgar Street: Bonfire with household waste added.

Princess Street: Males setting fire to settee and fireworks. Police in attendance.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Mostly people have paid attention to our advice on how to enjoy Bonfire Night safely, including attending organised bonfire and firework events.

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"In some cases people have set bonfires that have got out of control and become a hazard to people and property.

"In other cases the fire was, sadly, intended to do some damage. Firefighters have worked hard to ensure that the public and their property were kept out of harm’s way throughout the weekend and Bonfire Night."