Former UCLAN programmes officer among thousands caught up in Indonesian earthquake

A former programmes officer at UCLAN was among the thousands of tourists caught up in the deadly earthquake in Indonesia on Sunday.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 11:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 10:28 am
Steph Danson, who was caught up in the Indonesian earthquake on Sunday.

Steph Danson, who gave up her job to go travelling, has thanked the many people and volunteers who came forward to help when the 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Lombok, leaving at least 100 dead and around 20,000 homeless.

Steph, who is from Barnoldswick, said: "I have experienced great kindness since I have been here from the Muslim community and also from people who really didn't need to help but did anyway.

"That is what I have taken from this situation."

Steph is now on her way to Australia after an earthquake struck the island of Lombok in Indonesia where she was staying.

Steph was on the phone to her mum, Helen, in England when the earthquake struck. All lines of communication were lost so Helen launched a facebook appeal for information about her daughter.

Within several hours Steph was able to let her family know she was safe, along with several other tourists and holidaymakers who had been able to get boats to Bali where flights were being arranged for them, either home or on to their next destination.

Steph, who was staying with her father. Gary in Clitheroe before embarking on her trip, is now continuing her journey to Australia.

She said: "I have family in Australia so it will be nice to see them."

Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of the disaster and two have already been found alive according to the national search and rescue agency.

Thousands of buildings in North Lombok were damaged in the impact of the earthquake and most of the victims were injured by falling debris.

There have also been several aftershocks which has caused further destruction.