Commuting time on the rise in the North West

Commuters from the North West now face an average 56-minute daily journey '“ the equivalent of 26 working days a year, according to TUC analysis released to mark Work Wise UK's Commute Smart Week.

How long is your journey each day?
How long is your journey each day?

Getting to and from work now takes commuters in the North West an extra seven minutes a day compared with a decade ago – the equivalent of an extra 26 hours a year spent on congested roads and packed trains.

Nationally, commuters are facing an average daily journey of 58 minutes, up 5 minutes from a decade ago.

The number of workers facing very long commutes (over 2 hours) is up by 34 per cent.

Rail commuters face the longest journeys, taking an average of 2 hours and 12 minutes every day – an increase of four minutes on the last decade.

Drivers spend 52 minutes on the road to work and back (up by 4 minutes), while bus commuters must set aside 39 minutes a day (up by 7 minutes).

Cyclists (43 minutes) and walkers (30 minutes) have the quickest daily journeys.