Speed Indicator Device returns to Cliviger in bid to curb speeding

Residents in Cliviger are hoping that a newly-installed SID (Speed Indicator Device) will help to curb the speed of motorists driving through the parish.
Coun. Ivor Emo installing the sign. Pic: Lewis WelchCoun. Ivor Emo installing the sign. Pic: Lewis Welch
Coun. Ivor Emo installing the sign. Pic: Lewis Welch

County and borough councillor Cosima Towneley secured the return of the device to Cliviger, after a gap of some years, whoch has now been installed on Burnley Road.

Two local people, borough councillor Ivor Emo and draughtsman Johnny Newhouse, have received training in installing and moving the device so it can now be placed at various points around the parish.

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Coun. Towneley, who is also chairman of the parish council, said: "I am delighted that after much hard work we now have a SID backin Cliviger. We originally had one around 15 years ago but it was moved elsewhere some years ago so it is great to have it back.

"There is a real issue with drivers speeding along Burnley Road, but also very dangerously overtaking other cars in Red Lees Road. Hopefully, this device will help to remind motorists to watch their speed.

"I am delighted that Coun. Emo and Mr Newhouse have undertaken the training to be able to move the SID and I will happily arrange training at County Hall for anyone else who would like to help."

Coun. Towneley added that residents have also expressed concern about motorists "jumping red lights" at the junction with the A646 and A671 Bacup Road in recent months. She said that police and highways have been alerted and will be keeping an eye out.

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