Top shops right up my street

This week's column brings a rare winter scene, looking down Colne's Albert Road in the year 1949.

On the far left are the gravestones and memorials surrounding the sadly lost Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, a majestic Georgian structure whose granite foundation stone was laid on April 1st, 1824.

Today all has gone of the chapel and graveyard, although many of the ancient trees planted back in the 1820s still stand proudly today.

Further down past Chapel Street we can see John Scott’s fish, fruit and vegetable shop at 3 Albert Road. John, a great character, ran the much-missed business with his two sons, Brian and Graham, for many years.

At number five was the Northern Daily Telegraph newspaper office and at number seven was Frederick Scott, the opticians.


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Number nine was Hartley’s the confectioners while at number 11 was Helliwell and Sons Ltd, funeral services.

Now to number 11A we find William Shorrock’s, the plumber, with Tom Ashurst, the grocer, at number 13, followed by John Marsden, the dentist at number 15.

Today on Albert Road only the dentist’s still survives, albeit with a new identity, of the 1949 businesses.

Of all the other now long-gone family concerns down Albert Road, today only fond memories remain.