Top 10 uses for a mobile phone

Making calls doesn't even register in the top 10 uses of our smartphones, a new survey has found.

27 per cent of Brits use their phones for their original purpose less than once a week, according to the poll of 2,000 users for online retailer

This sees phone calls listed in 11th place, with just 41 per cent of those asked using their smartphone to talk every day.

However, texting - which originally set mobile phones aside from their landline counterparts - is still in common use, ranking at the top use of mobiles with 88 per cent of users regularly sending text messages.

Despite the lack of calls made, smartphones are more heavily used than ever as an entertainment device - or timewaster - as the survey found that we spend more than 900 hours a year - 38 days per year - doing something or other on our mobiles.


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It may be that spam calls are contributing to us falling out of love with talking on our phones. 63 per cent of us refuse to answer calls from withheld numbers .

Andrew Cartledge, of, said: “There are so many apps and features on the latest releases that you don’t really need to leave the house with anything else - your handset can be your satnav, your watch, your camera, your wallet, your TV, and of course, a phone.

“With all these useful extras, it is no surprise that actual calls are proving less popular.”



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1. Text - 88 per cent

2. Email - 70 per cent

3. Facebook - 62 per cent

4. Camera - 61 per cent


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5. Reading news - 58 per cent

6. Online shopping - 56 per cent

7. Checking the weather - 54 per cent

8. WhatsApp - 51 per cent


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9. Banking - 45 per cent

10. Watching videos on YouTube - 42 per cent