'˜Too much beer' led Padiham man to court

A Padiham dad arrested to stop him going back to a house he was removed from told magistrates the trouble was caused by 'too much beer'.


The Burnley bench heard how police had received a call from Heath Whalley’s ex-partner because he was kicking at a door, wanting to get in. Whalley (36), was calmed down by a police officer and taken to the home of his mother, who promised to look after him. She contacted the police a short time later to say he was intent on leaving.

The court was told the same officer went to that address and found Whalley in the garden. He refused to speak to the officer, who thought he was likely to go back to the house where the previous incident was. Whalley was arrested.

Whalley, of Station Road, Padiham, admitted breaching the peace on April 13th. He was bound over to keep the peace in the sum of £100 for six months.