This Leyland phone is among the worst in the country

With two fifths of people admitting to have cracked their phone screen in the past, it's no secret that us Brits are clumsy.
Keeley Atkinson's phoneKeeley Atkinson's phone
Keeley Atkinson's phone

To highlight the true extent of the nation’s clumsiness, Envirofone launched a competition to find the UK’s Worst Phone.

The competition attracted many entries of accidentally damaged phones, from devices with buttons missing, to mobiles held together by sellotape, all competing for a chance to win a refurbished iPhone 7.

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It wasn’t just smartphone owners who were guilty of damaging their phones, two of the entries in the competition featured damage caused their children.

Naomi Jay's phoneNaomi Jay's phone
Naomi Jay's phone

Keeley Atkinson from Leyland, Lancashire, said: ”This is what happened to my phone when my youngest child pushed it off the kitchen workshop.

"I have had the odd glass splinter in my thumb while playing Candy Crush, but at least it somewhat works.”

If having your phone pushed off a table by a toddler wasn’t bad enough, Mark Hislop from Edinburgh said: My four year old son decided to hit my phone with a hammer a few times.”

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Alex Stevens from Bristol, submitted this photograph to be considered as the UK’s Worst Phone after he accidentally ran it over with his car.

Nina Motylinski's phoneNina Motylinski's phone
Nina Motylinski's phone

However, there was one entry that stood out from all the rest.

Naomi Jay from Bristol won the competition with the picture of her completely damaged OnePlus, which had clearly gone through more than its fair share of mishaps.

When it came to explaining why she thought her device worthy of the title ‘UK’s Worst Phone’, Naomi said simply ‘it’s completely screwed’.

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Research conducted by Envirofone revealed that nearly three quarters (72%) of Brits don’t intend on fixing their phone screens and six in 10 (59%) said they would use their with a cracked screen until it becomes dangerous.

Alex Stevens' phoneAlex Stevens' phone
Alex Stevens' phone

It seems this is more common amongst millennials, with more than a quarter (29%) of 18-24 year olds having a cracked phone screen currently.

The research also shows that more men (19%) than women (15%) are guilty of this.

Nina Motylinski, from Sussex, came second due the series of mishaps her device has encountered over the years, leaving it held together by sellotape.

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She said: “This is my second hand antique iPhone 4 that I have had for six years, it has been dropped and repaired several times and then dropped again and held together with sellotape.”

Mark Hislop's phoneMark Hislop's phone
Mark Hislop's phone

Denise Timmis, Commercial Marketing Manager at Envirofone said: “As a phone recycler, we have seen some interesting handsets arrive here at Envirofone and these handsets submitted as part our competition are just a few examples of some of the people who might benefit from looking into buying a refurbished handset.

“We have all had that one mobile phone that we were reluctant to let go of and we felt that Nina’s story would resonate with so many people.

We hope that her new iPhone 7 will last her equally as long.”