Telecoms firm moves call centre from Mumbai to Simonstone - new jobs hope

A TELECOMS company is to move one of its call centres to Simonstone from its current base in India, creating 25 jobs.

Despite many firms choosing to outsource their operations abroad, New Call Telecom, which operates from Mumbai, said it is just as cost-effective and will be better for customer service to have its base at the Time Technology Park, in Blackburn Road.

Although there will initially be 25 vacancies, bosses said the number of new jobs could reach 100 over the year. This week the firm began advertising jobs through Job Centre Plus.

The company’s chief executive Mr Nigel Eastwood (44), who is originally from Burnley and attended the former Barden High School, said the centre could be up and running by the middle of August.

He also cited a more loyal, less transient workforce, cheaper office space rent and shorter call handling times among the reasons for the move.

“It’s a business we run called Primus which offers a home phone and broadband service in the UK.

“We have been listening to what our customers have to say to us. We found there was almost parity between what we could pay in East Lancashire to what we could pay in India. The decision process was fairly easy to understand.

“I’m from Burnley, I was brought up in Burnley and really want to grow business in and around East Lancashire.

“For a lot of time I’ve worked outside Burnley and I want to bring something back.”

The company moved its business to Mumbai three years ago but India has seen an increase in salaries, real estate and accommodation.

Mr Eastwood said workers at Simonstone would be paid according to experience with some employees earning upwards of £18,000 a year.

“We are a rapidly growing telecommunications company in the residential market. We have a lot of exciting stuff going on.”

Leader of Burnley Council Coun. Charlie Briggs said: “It’s good there’s another company coming to the Burnley area to get employees. Whatever anybody says it is more jobs. Hopefully it will grow and grow. There are 25 to start with but let’s hope it takes off and they expand to take 100.”

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle added: “It’s great news that jobs are being brought back to Burnley. It’s a sign that Burnley is on the up. We’ve lost all these jobs and now they are coming back again. I hope to speak to Mr Eastwood in the next few weeks. I congratulate him.”